New to the Studio

Welcome to The Yoga Space!

We’re sure you have many questions before starting classes with us, so check out the questions and answers below:

You’re never too stiff to practice yoga! We work with all levels of strength and flexibility, and the only thing that needs to be flexible is your mind.

Make sure you check in with the teacher at the beginning of class to let them know your yoga background (or lack thereof!) and any restrictions or challenges you may have. Read the next few questions and answers for further information.

Make sure that you wear something you will be comfortable in that doesn’t restrict your movement—most students wear tights or shorts and a t-shirt, and we practice and learn with bare feet. Due to scent sensitivities, please do not wear any fragrance to class.

It’s best to eat as far as possible before your class starts (usually 3 hours if that is possible). If you really must eat before class, please have something small, like fruit or small snack.

The studio is fully equipped and has yoga mats – although you are also welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Iyengar yoga teachers are very experienced in finding modifications to poses to accommodate restrictions (sensitive back, sore knees etc.). You will be in good hands. Please let us know if you have a serious health condition as that may require more attention.

Unless there is a class that finishes right when your class starts, the studio will generally be open about 15 minutes before the class starts, so feel free to come early, change, and settle in. Our classes start on time and we appreciate it when you’re there and ready to go. Of course, it happens to all of us that sometimes you are a few minutes late. Please just come to class if you are only a few minutes late—it’s better that you’re there than not!

The studio is one large practice space with no separate reception area. You are welcome to come and check out the studio before a class begins or after the class ends. However, be aware that when classes run back-to-back, the door will be locked until the first class ends and the transition to the next class can be a bit hectic! Teachers also often lock the door when teaching to reduce distractions for the students.

So, if you plan to drop-by, make sure you’ve checked the schedule to ensure the studio has some time before the class begins when it will be open.

Please leave your shoes, clothing, purses, bags, and water bottles in the entrance area where the cubbies are.

Yes, we do. Feel free to contact us for more information.

There are a few options! To get the most current news, you can sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Your teacher will regularly make announcements about special events or workshops. And we will put our events on our Community page and on our notice board outside the studio.