Session 5

Session 5

Session 5: Monday October 11 to Sunday December 19, 2021

For the best learning experience, we encourage students to register for one (or more) weekly class with the same teacher and attend at that time consistently during the session. Registering for a full session provides the benefit of a progressive and structured learning experience and the lowest price per class.

When practising with us, please keep your yoga mat free of props that you are not using and keep props (or any items around your mat) tidy so that they do not present a tripping or other hazard.

Session Fees

Purchases are valid until Sunday December 19, 2021, after which they expire.
Class 90 minutes 60 minutes
1 class $25 $20
10 classes $225 $180

Answers to questions you may have...

Setting up for an online class includes verifying system requirements, downloading the BlueJeans app, checking your space requirements, and verifying props. Click here for details.

online waiver 1 waiver app electronic waiver digital waiver
Our virtual classes are restricted to 25 screens so that the teacher can clearly see each student. When registering, including for a makeup, please note whether the line under the teacher’s name says “Waitlist Only.” If it says this and you proceed to sign up, you are not registered in that class. You are on a waitlist.

If someone in that class cancels, you will be sent an email that will advise you that you have been moved from the waitlist to the class. We ask that you email us to confirm that you plan to attend or if there is insufficient time to attend that you let us know that too. We can then move to the next person on the waitlist.

You can always check whether you are waitlisted or registered. See 'How can I check my account?' below.

1. Log into your account: click Need to Know on the menu and then select My Account.
2. Enter your email and password.
3. Click Sign In.
4. Click Schedule.

A limitation of the system and how we use it requires our intervention when a student wishes to register for more than one class (of the same length). To do so please register for the first class and email us. We will do the intervening and then let you know when it's ok to register for the second one. Thanks for your patience with the technology.

2021 Session 5