Online Classes How To

Virtual How To

Virtual class login

Students need only enter the meeting id and their name. Passcode is not necessary.

What do I need...

System Requirements: Click here to ensure you have BlueJeans system requirements.
BlueJeans: Click here to download the BlueJeans app. If you prefer to not download an app, you can just use your browser, but know it will be suboptimal.
Props: mat, blanket, belt, chair, 2 blocks or home equivalent. Click here to see the home equivalent.
Layout: place your mat in a position so the teacher will be able to see the full horizontal length of your mat and see you from head to toe.
Class link: will be emailed to you on the day of the class.

How to...

If there are others in your home using the internet, ensure they are not using apps that take a large amount of bandwidth, for example Spotify, YouTube or Netflix, and other apps downloading media.
If practical, select a location to set yourself up for class where your wifi connectivity is the strongest (highest Mbps, especially for your download speed).
Plug in your device so your battery does not die during class.

Hang up and reconnect.
Shut down your computer completely and start it.
Take your device as close to the modem as you can.
Plug your device directly into the modem.
If it's an audio issue, email us and we can send you a phone number to dial into for audio.
If you have anti-virus software, it should stay on, but make sure it is not set to do a scan during class.
If you are on a Windows operating system, ensure Windows update is not set to run during class.
If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, ensure it is not set to do an update during class.

Clear space the size of a yoga mat where you can practice.
Collect the props (or their home prop equivalent) that you will need for the class: a mat, 2 blocks, 1 belt, 1 chair, 1 blanket.
Prop up your device (on a bookshelf, chair, table, or against a stack of books, etc.) so that it captures you in your poses. We need to be able to see the full horizontal length of your mat and the full length of you when you stand in the centre of your mat.

Click the class link sent.
Allow camera and microphone access so that we can see you and hear you if you have a question and to best replicate a classroom experience; but if you prefer not to, that is fine.
Please type your name when asked as we need to know who we are teaching.
Mute yourself to limit distracting background noise. If you have a question, you can unmute yourself and ask.