Virtual Classes


Virtual class login for teachers

What do I need?

The app: click here to download the BlueJeans app. If you prefer to not download an app, you can just use your browser, but know it will be suboptimal.
The link: it's on your receipt.
Props: mat, blanket, belt, chair, 2 blocks or home equivalent. Click here to see the home equivalent.
Space: place your mat in a position so the teacher will be able to see the full horizontal length of your mat and see you from head to toe.


The cost is per screen. If a person other that the person registered is attending, please let us know their name by email and ensure they have signed our waiver.

Summer class purchases are valid until Sunday September 6, after which they will expire.
90 Minute Class Studio/Virtual
1 class $25
4 classes* $90

*The 4 classes can be used for virtual or in-studio classes.

Note: For the duration of this phase of the pandemic, we will only accept payment by credit cards (Mastercard or Visa) and e-transfers, but not cash or cheques.   We cannot accept Visa debit cards, Mastercard debit cards, or any other debit card.

Cancellation Policy

As our classes are now much smaller due to the pandemic, we require pre-registration and 12 hours' notice for class cancellations. If you need to cancel and we do not hear from you at least 12 hours before your class, there will be no refund or return of the class to your studio account. If you become sick, do not attend the studio and please let us know as soon as possible, and we will return the class to your studio account for use before the end of the session.

Cancellations can only be done by email to: More information about our In-Studio Safety Plan is here.

Health Care Workers

If you are a student of The Yoga Space and you are a health care worker actively working now on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, email us and we will register you with a complimentary attendance to recognize your very hard work at this extremely challenging time.

How to...

If there are others in your home using the internet, ensure they are not using apps that take a large amount of bandwidth, for example Spotify, YouTube or Netflix, and other apps downloading media.
If practical, select a location to set yourself up for class where your wifi connectivity is the strongest (highest Mbps, especially for your download speed).
Plug in your device so your battery does not die during class.

Hang up and reconnect.
Shut down your computer completely and start it.
Take your device as close to the modem as you can.
Plug your device directly into the modem.
If it's an audio issue, email us and we can send you a phone number to dial into for audio.
If you have anti-virus software, it should stay on, but make sure it is not set to do a scan during class.
If you are on a Windows operating system, ensure Windows update is not set to run during class.
If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, ensure it is not set to do an update during class.

Clear space the size of a yoga mat where you can practice.
Collect the props (or their home prop equivalent) that you will need for the class: a mat, 2 blocks, 1 belt, 1 chair, 1 blanket.
Prop up your device (on a bookshelf, chair, table, or against a stack of books, etc.) so that it captures you in your poses. We need to be able to see the full horizontal length of your mat and the full length of you when you stand in the centre of your mat.

Click the class link on your receipt OR copy and paste it into the address bar in your browser.
Allow camera and microphone access so that we can see you and hear you if you have a question and to best replicate a classroom experience; but if you prefer not to, that is fine.
Please type your name when asked as we need to know who we are teaching.
Once the class starts, we will mute all participants or ask that you mute yourself to limit distracting background noise. If you have a question, you can unmute yourself and ask.

Everyone is experiencing different types of stress during this pandemic, and sometimes multiple stressors. If you are experiencing significant COVID-19 related financial stress and cannot afford to pay the full price for classes, please email us. With the temporary closure of the studio, we are experiencing financial hardship too, and while we can’t guarantee free or discounted classes for everyone who asks, we will seriously consider your request and will try to make our classes as accessible as we can to all students of The Yoga Space.

Together, The Yoga Space teachers and students have stayed connected in practicing Iyengar yoga with our community in our individual virtual studios through our online classes during phase 1 one of the pandemic. We have now returned to limited operations at the studio. Most of us are experiencing multiple stressors during this pandemic, but if you are not experiencing financial stress, you may want to consider making a small donation to help the studio to sustain the physical space. If now is not the right time to make a donation, please do not feel any pressure at all. We love what we do and will continue to provide Iyengar yoga classes as long as we are able to. Click to make a donation. (The donation will appear as a gift card which you can purchase to help support the studio.) If you prefer, you can email us instead and we can process your donation.

Review our Privacy Policy

Click here to fill out our waiver (if you have not already done so this year) prior to registering.

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We accept Mastercard and Visa. We are unable to accept Visa debit cards, Mastercard debit cards, or any other debit card.